June 13, 2021

Fertility House Calls



When you start your fertility journey it can be extremely overwhelming, where do I begin? How do I know if the doctor is established? What are the steps I’m going to have to take? I’m sure you have many questions – I know when Lucas and I started looking into fertility clinics, it was hard for us to narrow down who to make an appointment with or let alone know how to search because we were so nervous, stressed and entering a space we had never been in. I know that for sure it would’ve been helpful to have something or someone help guide us. That’s why I am so excited to partner with Fertility House Calls, created by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.


Fertility House Calls makes it convenient and easy to search for a local fertility clinic in your area. The first step is requesting an initial virtual consultation and this platform is the perfect tool to help guide you to taking the first step! I know firsthand that it can be a bumpy ride and it’s important to have as much help as possible during this chapter in your life.


The Fertility House Calls website connects prospective patients ready to take action on their own path to parenthood to request an initial consultation with a fertility specialist.

  1. It helps women and couples navigate the barriers that come along with requesting that first appointment from the comfort and convenience of their homes.
  2. Fertility House Calls provides a secure platform for prospective patients to find participating fertility specialists and clinics.

It’s so comforting to know that Lucas and I could just sit in our living room, open up our tablet, mobile or desktop computer and start researching. I encourage you to visit the website to request an initial virtual consultation with a fertility specialist.

Head over to www.fertilityhousecalls.com to find participating clinics near you!

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