March 8, 2021

How to hang eucalyptus in the shower!



I love eucalyptus, I use it in floral arrangements and place them in vases all the time to add a bit of pop to any room! But have you ever added it to your bathroom shower for the aroma?

It’s pretty and smells nice too! Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is pretty easy. First, you will want to take your bundle ( I bought mine at Trader Joe’s ) and sort of, agitate the leaves. What I mean is, basically take a rolling pin, or a wine bottle and roll over the leaves. Why? This will start the eucalyptus scent flowing and working faster! Now it’s time to use a hair tie or a rubber band to wrap the bundle together. I like to take an extra string of pretty ribbon to tie on top and bottom of the bundle so I can place easily on my shower head. See how I did it here.

Enjoy! I hope you find this easy tutorial a fun way to spruce up your bathroom shower! And yes, you can shower with it too!

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