June 15, 2018

Summer Decorating Patio Ideas For Your Cozy Home!


Summer Decorating Patio Ideas

Summer Decorating Patio Ideas For Your Home!

Summertime can get extremely warm but it doesn’t ignore the fact that some of us love spending time outdoors in our patios with friends and family. I especially enjoy chatting outside, with a cold adult beverage in hand and letting the hours go by! Here are some tips to making your space extra cozy, fun and stylish.


Summer Decorating Patio Ideas

Comfortable Seating

Adding accent chairs or finding the perfect patio set is a must for a comfy environment. For me neutrals are they way to go!  You can still add fun outdoor pillows to the mix it up!

Summer Decorating Patio Ideas

Plants & Flowers

Give me all the greenery and pretty blooms! Make sure to find your season of flowers and plants that can take the heat of the Summer, succulents and tropical greens are great choices. I love Lowe’s & Orchard Supply for a wide selection of real garden plants and more!

Summer Decorating Patio Ideas

Outdoor Pillows

Stripes, floral patterns to typography, I can never have enough fluffy fun pillows for my patio area!

Summer Decorating Patio Ideas 3

Citronella Candles

Fresh scented candles not only are wonderful to smell but also useful for repelling little bugs away, plus they bring a sparkle when evening hits!

Door Mats

Layering mats are my new jam, to adorable sayings and graphic art door mats have come a long way! Welcome your guests with a fun mat to set the mood!

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