November 1, 2020

#AlevePartner Holiday Relief with Aleve®PM


This post has been sponsored by Aleve® All thoughts and opinions are my own


#AlevePartner It’s that time of year and you know what that means? Major decor and wrapping sessions happening in our home! I can’t help but love the holiday season! One thing that’s for sure is I am one busy lady between decorating and wrapping presents for family and friends! I love all of the ribbons and cute bows but I don’t love the long hours of crouching over causing me to have terrible posture. It can really take a toll on my back and shoulders. SO when it’s time for bed, I know that if I take Aleve®PM from Walmart, I will get pain relief for my back and shoulder pain from a full day of wrapping presents and a good night’s sleep.

Aleve®PM is easy to swallow and small enough to store or take anywhere! I like to keep mine in my nightstand for those nights I am feeling pain that prevents me from falling asleep and around the holidays that can be quite a bit.

Shopping at Walmart makes it easy for me to find everything I need for my “must have” list, including Aleve®PM, which I’m always stocked up on during the holidays. It’s so great to have at hand not only for myself but any family members who may need it! Use as directed for occasional sleeplessness when associated with minor aches and pains.


We all know sleep is important and as a woman I believe we need even more hours! Especially during the busy holiday season!

I hope that this season brings you comfort, peace and relief…you don’t have to wake up in pain and feeling like you didn’t get the rest you needed! Make sure to take care of yourself first! #AlevePartner

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