May 11, 2022

Delicious Zesty Green Bean Salad



This green bean salad is a favorite in our household. I originally learned to make it by my mother where the recipe comes from a Chilean family recipe! It’s mouth watering delicious and so easy to make To slice the green beans I used a green bean slicer which can be purchased off Amazon!

This is perfect as a side for dinner, lunch or pair it alone or with a yummy sandwich! Enjoy!

Makes about 2-3 servings, buy two bags and double the recipe!

1 bag of fresh green beans
1 tablespoon of a lemon juice freshly squeezed
1 tablespoon of apple vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of olive oil

Wash and slice your green beans with the slicer and place your finished slices in a large pot and boil until green beans are thoroughly cooked. Drain and let cool down to room temperature. Add the rest of the ingredients and fold gently. If you want yours with more vinegar or anything else, add to your pleasure! Place in fridge for at least 30 min for the flavor to work and serve!

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