October 28, 2015

The Dinner Party Project




Happy Tuesday! What a lovely month it has been, filled with weddings, events and gosh so many projects going on! I want to share with you my lovely experience I had with The Dinner Party Project! Haven’t heard of it? Well, let me fill you in! The Dinner Party Project was started by Dana Marie Roquemore, a Florida native. Dana began to realize that she knew a lot of people, but, for the most part, didn’t know a lot of people really well. What are their stories? Where did they grow up? What makes them who they are? During that time she made the decision to get to know the people in her life a little better. To begin, she decided to throw the names of everyone she knew into a “lottery” of sorts. From there, she drew seven names to join her around the dinner table at her home. Eight, the perfect number for an intimate gathering; not too small to where it’s awkward, and not too big where it’s overwhelming and your voice gets lost in the conversation.

This is where TDPP was created! I love the concept and had to get involved myself as an attendee! Dana was so sweet to allow me to style one of the dinners with our floral + design. I met 8 strangers who became new friends by the end of night, fun questions were asked, conversations and lots of laughter. It was a nice little mini break from all the busyness going on with wedding season! Last but not least, huge high five to the chef Emily Weider of “EM’s Neighborhood Kitchen” for creating a delicious 4 course meal, including my favorite dish “Pumpkin Ravioli” which was to die for! I highly recommend signing up, whether you’re new to town, want to make new friends or just explore and learn about the city, you need to reserve your seat! Enjoy some of the photos below. We loved sprinkling a little bit of Fall ambiance for the dinner, with name tags attached to pears, the Autumn color palette and more! We would love to help you style your next celebration or holiday party!

Venue/Host: The Dinner Party Project Studio, Orlando – Florida
Floral/Styling/Chalk Board Design: Andi Mans
Cocktails: Apple Pie Sangria by Vanbarry’s
Guest Chef: EM’S Neighborhood Kitchen
Desserts: Baked Goodies


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