July 15, 2021

How To Become a Blogger, 5 Simple Steps!



Becoming a blogger is easy and hard! It all depends on how you treat and look at it! More of us than ever are turning to influencers online to help us make purchases and to see the latest trends. Becoming a blogger can be a hobby that you turn into a lucrative side hustle and even make into a full-time gig. It’s never been a better time to become a blogger, with influencer marketing showing no signs of slowing down.

Whether you want to be a fashion or lifestyle blogger, I’ve broken it into five easy steps to help you get started.


The most successful bloggers have a niche. Whether it’s luxury fashion, farmhouse-inspired homes, or thrifting on a budget, you need a niche. Having a niche doesn’t mean that you can’t post the occasional curveball. Having a niche means you can pitch your blog to brands within that niche and develop a more cohesive vision for your blog.

Think of the influencers that you’re currently following and the content that you want to see. Your niche is what you build your content (and community!) around.


For years, most bloggers choose to come up with a specific blog name. Now, it’s more common for people to post under their own name. If you have a common name, you might struggle to find a social media handle that works for you. In this case, you’ll want to come up with a blog name that reflects your niche. It should be easy to read, memorable, and relate to your niche.

Before you settle on a name, you want to make sure it’s available across every platform. Check if you can grab it on every popular social media platform, then double-check if there is a domain available for it. Namecheckr is a handy tool to crosscheck all these different sites.


Once you’ve got your niche and name, you need to start building your website. While there are dozens of platforms to choose from, there are three that most bloggers choose from. Blogger is the OG blogging platform and is one of the most user-friendly, allowing you to sign up directly with your Google account.

Most bloggers choose to use WordPress – which powers almost 40% of the internet. You’ll have more freedom with adding widgets and custom website designs. Squarespace is a newcomer to the blogger scene but gives you the best of both worlds. It’s easy to use and has dozens of amazing blogger-inspired templates to choose from. And if you have some web design and coding up your sleeve, try my personal favorite and what I use, Showit.


Consistency is key to starting as a blogger. You don’t want to post one day and then disappear for months. Planning your content calendar is the secret to success. Start by adding dates that apply to your niche – like the Nordstrom’s Sale or Valentine’s Day – and start creating your content calendar that way. 

Having a content calendar will also help you plan your content and stay consistent with posting.


Bloggers are only successful when they have a community around them. Interact with your followers and other creators within your niche. Brands that want to collaborate with you care more about your engagement than follower count. That’s why brands like Dior are collaborating with micro-influencers. 

Find your niche, nail your branding, start posting, and build a community. It’s that simple. 

Are you thinking of becoming a blogger? Do you need more help getting started? Leave your questions in the comments below!

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