July 26, 2019

Orlando Date Guide: Proper & Wild



It’s another edition of Orlando Date Guide, and today I’m featuring one of my local and new favorites, Proper & Wild! Founded on the idea that healthy food should be freaking delicious, owners Chelsie and Jaimie know how to bring flavor, color, art and craft all into one magnificent piece of a delicious plate!

Proper & Wild
155 E Morse Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32789

The colorful and delicious “Heartbeet” cocktail


You’ll never find hydrogenated oils, food dyes, artificial flavorings or preservatives at Proper & Wild, and they’re always using the freshest ingredients that they can find.


Proper & Wild focuses on serving plant-centric dishes that are made from farm-fresh, in-season produce bursting with flavor and nutrients. Using fresh produce in their dishes benefits more than the customers’ taste buds; it benefits our neighbors and a larger community, too.

So let’s chat about what we ate! We started with their Popcorn which was delicious as a light appetizer while browsing the menu and sippin’ on a cocktail. Popped heirloom corn, organic coconut oil, red miso and Gluten Free!

Such a beautiful interior, I loved all the colors and airy vibes! And all the beautiful cascading dreams, if you know me, I love greenery!


As you walk into Proper & Wild you’re greeted with lush greenery hanging in every perfect corner, a beautiful light and an airy bar area with a casual yet sophisticated vibe. It’s like it’s telling you, come in wearing yoga pants or dress up, it’s up to you and both are totally acceptable!

This is a perfect date night spot to try different dishes, cheers to unique cocktails and bask in the stylish atmosphere that is peaceful and well, you feel “trendy” being here, is trendy-healthy a word?


Ok, so let’s chat about what we ate! Gosh it was all soooo good, I’m being serious, we cleaned each plate!

Chickpea Fries

What’s in it? Vindaloo curry almond aioli, cilantro pistou
This was different than we thought but in a great way, we were so impressed with the flavors with this appetizer, needless to say Lucas and I devoured it very fast.

“Stella” Sourdough Flatbread

What’s in it? Shaved brussels, garlic ‘fredo, gouda*, truffle, lemon, red chili flake.
Combine two things I love, brussels and cheese! I never thought a flatbread with Brussels could be SO DANG GOOD. This plate was another favorite that Lucas and I will most likely be getting every single time we visit!

Proper Burger

Lucas is a “burger guy” and the layers of tomato jam, gem lettuce, onion, dijonnaise and house pickle made his taste buds very happy. It’s crafted one flavor at a time and beautifully presented.

Sweet Karoline

I love a good salad, and I’m the gal that likes a ton of things in it too…bring it all to me! The “Sweet Karoline” totally satisfied my salad cravings! Sweet and salty, it had all the elements of a flavorful salad. Fig, avocado, gold beet, quinoa, candied hazelnut, curried almond dressing

Sunstorm Cocktail

After dinner we had one more cocktail off the menu, and if you’re a fan of taking healthy shots of goodness this drink mixed all of that within a cocktail. Here’s what’s in it! Yuki otoko sake, cappelletti, carrot, mango, lemon, vanilla, habanero tincture, cilantro.


Proper & Wild Rocks

Ending our evening here was the perfect little date night spot in the heart of Winter Park, Florida. The experience was lovely, great service, tasty dishes and refreshing cocktails. I can’t wait for you to visit!

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