October 19, 2020

Fall Home Decorating Ideas



The season of fall has us feeling all sorts of comforts. As the weather turns colder, we begin to cozy up our aesthetic. We drink warm beverages like hot apple cider and we start to layer in those sweaters, hats, and scarves. Why not bring this cozy autumn feeling into our homes as well?

Decorating your home for fall doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. We’ve put together some easy and affordable ways for you to achieve the perfect look for your home this fall season.


Fall is all about the beautiful colors! Inspired by the changing leaves, bring the colors of gold, burnt orange, and warm reds into your home. Do this in décor pieces such as pillows, throw blankets, and table linens. Adding these colors through smaller decorative pieces is an easy and affordable way to bring in the feeling of fall while switching these pieces out with each new season.


Don’t go crazy with the fall décor. Instead, add subtle pieces such as a cluster of pumpkins on the staircase or a festive display of acorns and kernels in glass hurricane vases on your console table. These bits of harvest décor are a simple touch that brings in elegance to your home without it feeling kitschy or overdone. Spread these tiny features throughout your home to carry the fall feeling throughout your space. A little will go a long way.


What would the season of fall be without its wonderful smells? One way to have your space filled with the fall vibes is to add the scents and smells of autumn. Try a classic aroma like a pumpkin spice candle. Any spice scent works for fall, as this season is full of baking! Vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice are other great options. If candles aren’t your thing, you can try a reed diffuser or a bowl of potpourri.


With the changing season, temperatures are getting cooler, which means our spaces need to feel warmer. A great way to create a warm feeling in your space is through heavy textures. Chunky knits and basket weaves are classic fall textures that resemble the cozy fall fashion of sweaters and scarves. Bring this in through pillow covers and warm throws and prepare for a snuggly season ahead.

With these tiny touches of fall, you will have your home feeling comfy and cozy for the cooler season. Try all of these subtle décor tips to fully maximize that autumn look in your space. Happy fall decorating!

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