June 4, 2018

6 Tips When Redesigning Your Bedroom!



I love re-designing my bedroom, it’s a place where you find peace and relaxation from the rest of the house. But sometimes we can forget or ignore our place of solitude, maybe it’s because it’s a room that most house guests don’t see so we give it less attention. But today, I’m giving it much attention! If you’re thinking about redecorating your room, you’re at the right place! I’m sharing with you some tips that are budget friendly to help spruce that room of yours and make a place of style and peace!


Changing your bedding and pillows can make a huge change to your bedroom. Pillows are a great way to add texture, color or personality to your room without breaking the bank. I personally have an obsession with pillows, I’m telling you, once you start you can’t stop. Replace your current ones with solid colors, patterns and don’t forget to keep your bedding a softer hue, whites, sands or baby blues work well with different patterns, even the bolder accent pillows! That way, when you’re ready to change it up again, the bedding can always stay consistent.


Headboards can add a stylish flare to the back of your bed. I’m in love with neutral upholstered headboards. It creates a softness to your bedroom, and if your room is on the smaller side and get much natural light, this will help “open up” the room to appear larger. Stay away from dark brown wood unless your room is large and spacious, other than that stick with neutral headboards that accent the style you are going for.


I like to read and write in bed at night but you’ve got to have the right type of lighting! The easiest way to change up lighting can be from simply switching a  lamp shade or an entire lamp next to your bedside.


I love floor rugs next to my bed, near my large bedroom mirror and everywhere I can think of placing one! Layering rugs right now is super stylish and hey, comfortable on your feet! I love to have fun with my rugs, mixing and matching textures with different prints and color.


Too much clutter? Storage can be a pain to do but it’s worth the de-clutter from your bedroom. Closets can get hectic and you don’t want extra shoes, clothes and more getting caught up in your bedroom space or let alone, on your bed! Keeping the closet and storage organized is not only ease of mind, but it will make it less of a hassle for you to find what you’re looking for when you need it!


This is where I can personally get creative! Share your interests, photos and style with your wall space. I love mixing different frames and sizes to create a collage of memories behind my bed-frame wall. Cute quotes, photography shots from one of your favorite trips, wedding or an adorable stock art. In between these frames add different wall decor to change the consistency and add interesting dimensions. Wall scrolls, canvas art, macrame, ledges and shelves or even wall clocks!

You can skip adding art on the wall by making the art your wall! What does that mean? If you’re on the more handy kind of gal or guy type…and love DIY projects, changing the texture of your wall entirely into a Shiplap look ( what I have ) or even adding a removable wallpaper that you can stick on yourself from patterns like floral, whimsical solids, tropical and more – go for it!

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