January 9, 2020

My Coffee Routine and Publix Find!


This post has been sponsored by Eight O’Clock Coffee. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I’m a gal that loves routine; when I say it, I totally mean it. The first step to wake myself up in the morning is brewing a cup of coffee! Seriously, as a female entrepreneur, I’m not really sure what else could help me wake up faster than my favorite cup of joe brewed right at home with one of my favorite Barista coffee blends by Eight O’Clock Coffee. I picked up Caffe Americano at Publix in the coffee aisle, and I encourage you to do so also! Not too dark, not too blond – it’s the perfect blend and aroma for a morning pick-me-up! Not to mention, all of the Barista range is made with 100% Arabica Beans too!


Why brew from home instead of picking up coffee at a drive thru? It’s more delicious and so easy to make at home, plus it keeps your routine in check without getting distracted! For me, having a routine makes my day more organized and consistent to get all of my errands and work completed.

How do you make your coffee? Black? I’m a half/half gal with a bit of sugar! After brewing my Caffe Americano from Publix, I pour a small bit of milk and raw sugar and sip sip away!

Don’t forget Eight O’Clock Coffee on your next trip to the grocery store!

My Coffee Routine and Publix Find!
My Coffee Routine and Publix Find!


Write the goals down that you would like to get done daily; be realistic with yourself and the time that you have each day to get them done. I usually write 3 things that I must do every single day, for example: Check emails and respond to all of them by 10AM, edit photos, work out…etc.

Why are these important for you to do? Write that down as well! Sometimes writing things down in your planner or calendar can help signify it to feel more official; rather than trying to memorize everything you have to get done, you most likely will forget or never get to it anyway!

Remember, developing a routine can make us feel more in control of everything. It also reduces our stress level, forms healthy habits, and helps us feel able and ready to cope with change!

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