January 14, 2020

DIY Floral Ice Bucket



When it comes to being the “extra” hostess you can count on me for claiming that title! So that brings me to share with you a prettier way to dress up your bottle of bubbly for your next celebration or just because! The floral ice bucket is an adorable addition for any bridal shower, engagement, baby shower, birthday, or whatever you like!


1 large ice bucket
1 smaller ice bucket – that can fit inside larger one
Strawberries & Blueberries
Bundle of flowers
Bottle of water


  1. Place your smaller bucket inside the larger bucket and fill it with rocks, for weight. This keeps the bucket in place so that when you fill that sucker up, it will keep it down when water is being added!
  2. Cut your floral stems, grab some greenery and slowly start placing your foliage around the bucket squeezing them into the sides of the smaller bucket. Don’t overthink the order of it, that’s the fun of placing, anything really looks good!
  3. Once you feel you’ve had enough of designing, fill your large bucket ( the one with the floral ) to the top with water. Try your best to not get water inside the smaller bucket with rocks, if so that’s ok..it just may take some hot water to melt that away when ready.
  4. Place the entire bucket into your freezer for at least 24 hrs.
  5. Take out, remove your rocks and slowly add hot water around the sides and turn your bucket upside down with hot water for about 5 minutes or until the floral bucket slides out!
  6. Place your bottle inside and enjoy!
  7. TIP: Your bucket can stay inside the floral ice as pictured below or it can be without, I chose to keep mine inside to add even more ice inside of the smaller bucket to keep cooler. Either way works!

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