May 27, 2018

Outdoor Summer Wedding Tips


Paradise Cove Wedding


Summer Weddings bring bright colors, super greens, fun food and delicious tropical cocktails. But in warmer places like Florida it can be uncomfortably hot not only for you but for your guests. Here are some things to consider when thinking about having an outdoor wedding in the Summer.


As guests arrive, help them take the edge and mind off the temperature, a cocktail or champagne glass ready to be served is a nice touch to welcome them into your ceremony.


Flowers aren’t a fan of heat or direct sunlight, they will start dropping and look oh so sad so to make sure that doesn’t happen, make sure to let your florist know you would like them to be placed on tables 30-60 min before guests arrive. Setting up too early may result in decor gone bad!


Whether you’re a sweater or not, you will get warm from the heat and nerves. You probably should consider an up-do for your big day. Keeping the hair off of your neck and back will be much more comfortable for you as the bride!


For your ceremony make sure to seat your guests under shade. I’ve seen and been to so many weddings where the guests were sitting in direct sunlight suffering to even notice the bride walking because the sun was directly in their eyes, on top of that profusely sweating and getting over heated. No bueno.


Drinks tons of liquid, start from the moment you wake up to get ready. Have plenty of chilled h20 bottles to offer guests before and after the ceremony. You want to keep everyone cool and it’s also a nice touch of etiquette to show you care.


If rain is a possibility in the forecast, you don’t want to take the chance. Not only will you have to move all the decor, chairs, tables, lighting and more inside…what if you don’t have an inside? That sounds like a nightmare to me. And in between that, all of your guests will be super uncomfortable and you my friend won’t be jumping for joy either. If your venue only has an outdoor setting, have a tent ready and set up for your reception to be safe.


Humid weather brings pesky little mosquitoes and bugs, be prepared to have bug spray available in baskets for guests. This is one of the top nuisance’s that I’ve encountered with outdoor weddings. It makes me so sad for bride and guests as they suffer slapping themselves away from these annoying little critters. Having bug protection is a life saver. Also make sure to ask the venue if they have recently sprayed their grounds for protection.

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