December 19, 2018

DIY Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper Accent Wall


DIY Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper Accent Wall with UrbanWalls!

When we moved into our 1958 “Fixer Upper” home our back office had so far been the slowest to renovate. Why? Well, the working space for me has to be creative, inspiring and spacious. The one thing I had to keep in mind is, this room will eventually become my nursery/office one day so I had to be aware of the colors and decor to choose.

I love neutrals, so depending on whatever style I would add into this office, I know that if I stayed with a black and white theme to start I can always add pops of colors and textures to the room without a problem.

So there was this one wall, I originally painted it white, then painted it a bold blue and just wasn’t in love with it still. The mind of a designer right? We have to get it right until it’s perfect. So I painted it again with Sherwin Williams color “Snowbound” and finally found the solution to my accent wall I wanted to create so badly!


Urbanwalls to the rescue! DIY Peel & Stick removable wallpaper is totally the new trend that is showing up everywhere. It’s easy to install and literally the only hard thing about it is picking out which amazing wallpaper accent you want!

Urbanwalls has a ton of removable wallpaper, wall decals and art prints. I went ahead and chose the Plus Signs, I love the minimal appeal!


The wallpaper comes in sheets, and in this case since they’re decals, I just cut each plus sign out with my scissors so I could place them wherever I wanted. Prior to placing, I wiped down the wall with a cloth and water and let it dry. The wallpaper works best on matte, eggshell, sating or semi gloss painted walls. I used an old credit card or whatever type of card you would like to press down each plus sign into the wall to make sure it would stick.

It took me about 45 min to place all of them and then I started peeling each one off one by one slowly on a 45 degree angel.

So easy and fast!

That’s it! So easy and it transformed my room from boring to stylish. I love it so much! If you want a fast, stylish and easy to install project take a look at Urbanwalls!

( Thank you to my friends over at Urbanwalls for sponsoring this post )

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