June 28, 2018

Decorate Space with Wall Scrolls!


Decorating With Wall Scrolls!

Fill That Wall Space!

It can be hard sometimes when you’re re-decorating and you’ve got a large empty wall to work with! It can take a while to find inspiration on how to fill this huge open space. That’s why I love wall scrolls! When I want to re-arrange anything at home, I want to get it done fast! I’m pretty impulsive with my decorating changes at home, I get a little too excited and want to run to Hobby Lobby, Homegoods or Target!


Wall Scroll “Beginning Scroll” | Top: Target in Lavender | Shorts: Target | Vases: World Market | Faux Eucalyptus: You can find here and here

Decorate Space with Wall Scrolls!

Gone are the days where basic frames or dramatic paintings are all you see on walls! From macrame to my new favorite, wall scrolls! Here I’m adding a subtle farmhouse style to my wall with this 36″ & 18″ wide printed calligraphy scroll by Cottonwood Shanty.

Decorate Space with Wall Scrolls!

You can adjust the bottom scroll with 4 easy magnets to adjust the height to the way you wish. Unroll the scroll, adjust the magnets and length, and hang on the wall. The scroll is an organic heavy-weight brown craft paper. The original scroll look and adds beautiful texture to the wall.

Clean, simple, cute and pretty. Just the way I love it!

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