May 24, 2019

Date Night In At Home Made Easy!


Let’s Stay Home

Sometimes Lucas and I will decide to stay home on a Friday night, we have long busy weeks and once Friday comes around it’s like the last thing we want to do is go out somewhere!

We love our date nights but when an evening comes around where we want to just chill at home, you best know that cheese and wine will be involved! Lucas and I are pretty foodie type people, we love to eat and explore new spots to grab food around town but today I am sharing how to make the perfect night in when you feel like staying home!

Did Somebody Say Cheese?!

I’m obsessed with cheese, pretty much life would be boring without it. Haha, right?! It’s tasty and perfect to pair with your favorite chilled glass of wine. My go-to is to design the prettiest cheeseboard! And you can too! Here’s what you’ll need to make a cheeseboard for two + date night in style!

Build Your Cheeseboard!

Designing a cheeseboard is all about color, flavor and fun. Choose your cheeses that compliment each other not only in taste but in color to add a sense of style to your board aesthetically.

First you will want to place all of your cheese choices first, leaving a little bit of room next to each one, this is where we will fill these areas out with other additions like fruit, crackers or toppings!

Garnish your board for extra pretty with some fresh flowers or greenery like rosemary or mint leaves!

You will need a wooden cheeseboard, round or long – whatever style you like works! I’ve listed some of my favorite boards below to make your board stand out!

Choose Your Cheese!

I usually will take a trip to Trader Joe’s and pick out my favorite cheeses, which are: Smoked Gouda, Blue Cheese, Dubliner, Sharp Cheddar and an onion and chive yellow cheese. A nutty, creamy, sweet and smoked cheese are always great to mix together for your taste buds. See below!

Add Meat!

I usually add some sort of meat, only one! I like a salami to add into the mix, I fold each one to squeeze in between the colorful cheeses.

Chill a bottle or two of wine!

I’m a Chardonnay fan myself so we always have a red and white chilled before we dig into our date night-in cheeseboard! We’re enjoying this $3 wine from Trader Joe’s, you can tell I’m not a wine snob and it wasn’t bad!

Remember, Have fun together

Date night ins are great for so many reasons. You save money, you aren’t distracted, you’re comfortable in your own home and you get to wear whatever you want, like gym clothes over wine? YES PLEASE. Most importantly, I love the time my husband and I are able to spend in conversation, laughing and catching up after a busy week. I hope that you can take time and make a date night in and to appreciate what you have and who you’re with.


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