December 3, 2018

Accent Shiplap Wall Renovation


Accent Shiplap Wall Renovation!

When we moved into our 1958 Fixer Upper home, we had found this huge mirror that was an eye sore to say the least! Standing in front of it wasn’t flattering either! So I decided shiplap to the rescue! We had to get that sucker out of here!

Removing the Mirror

The biggest hassle was removing the big ole mirror! The owners before must have really wanted a selfie mirror because this sucker was large and in charge! We taped the glass all through out and started demolition! Lets just say it sounded like a bad bar fight was going on while doing it, ha!

Accent Shiplap Wall Renovation

Bye Bye Mirror

Looks like the mirror was stuck to the original wall with some major glue. After sanding out the holes and painting some white paint over it, we vacuum up the floor for any access glasses pieces that fell and started out shiplap process!

Wooden Panels

Since the wall wasn’t perfectly leveled, we had to place small wooden rods up and down the wall so that the planks would be balanced and not popping out from the sides as good as possible. This helped with drilling them in as well! You can find these items all at home depot!

Accent Shiplap Wall Renovation

Installing Shiplap Planks

One by one we added the shiplap panels. Keep in mind to measure the wall to fit each piece. Each plank wasn’t necessarily the same size, which is fine because the shiplap “look” is sort of like that. These panels came in a natural wood color but once it was entirely up and drilled in, I painted it over with “Snowbound” by Sherwin Williams in flat.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! It opened up the hallway and gave me the opportunity to add decor! I also loved these hanging glass vases I found! Perfect to add next to a bundle of frames, mirror or a wreath in my case! I added some fresh eucalyptus stems! I hope this inspires you to create an accent wall in your home with shiplap!

Accent Shiplap Wall Renovation


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