April 7, 2022

7 Things You Can Do To Help Your Mental Health



The importance of mental health is gaining recognition; however, many women still feel embarrassed to admit they need help. The truth is 1 in 5 adults will suffer from some form of mental health struggle, so you’re not alone if you find yourself in this position. As a woman who has been struggling with infertility for 4 years, it has taken a toll on my mental health and I find it so important to be aware of this and listen to your body and mind. If you are searching for easy and attainable tips to help you get out of a mental health rut, these six areas can help you feel better!

Note – If you have suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help immediately or call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


Many times when we feel overwhelmed, it can affect our mental health. Being mindful and focusing on the moment instead of everything happening around you can help you relax and feel more in control. Remind yourself that the tasks will get done and everything always works out, so allowing yourself a moment to breathe is ok!


Exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety and helps you get out any built-up frustration. When you move your body, it releases endorphins, which elevate your mood and make you feel calmer. Plus, it has the added benefit of helping you stay in shape or shed a few unwanted pounds. You don’t have to go to the gym to reap the benefits exercising offers. Taking a walk, playing with your kids at the park, and swimming are excellent options and tons of fun!


Did you know the foods you eat directly impact your mental health? It’s true! Studies show that even small changes like cutting down on sugar or eliminating soda can help your body and mind feel better. The more vegetables, fruits, and whole foods you eat, the better you feel.


Ultimately, our strength comes from God. Prayer is an amazing tool and truth that will heal your mind and spirit. Jesus loves and hears your cry and wants the best for you. Finding time to talk to God is so important. Find an easy devotional to read daily, to start your day off with! Getting right with God in your relationship will help give you the hope and faith that is strong to get you through the harder darker times and moments that we face.


Sleeping is your body’s way of healing and rejuvenating itself, so your brain can’t function properly when you don’t get enough. Getting at least seven hours a night can significantly benefit your mental health!


When you’re struggling, reaching out to friends or family can help give you the comfort and reassurance you need. Plus, it lets you get everything off your chest and often leads to great advice. There’s no shame going to someone you trust and confiding in them; chances are they’ve struggled with similar areas themselves.


Seeing a therapist is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings in a safe and neutral environment. They know tips and tricks to help you manage stress and anxiety and offer guidance when you need it. There’s no shame in therapy; in fact, 1 in 6 adults now see a therapist at least once a week!

Mental health is an area that many people still feel uncomfortable discussing, but as times progress, more adults are seeing the benefits of caring for their mental state. These six tips can help you get back on track to feeling like yourself again if you’re struggling!

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