December 4, 2018

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!


5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!

We all know that we live in fast paced times, sometimes with our lives moving so fast and technology sucking us all in, it can be harder to connect. It can be even harder to nourish and feed your own cherished relationship when life takes over and gets a little crazy. I have 5 tips below that may help or give you a little something to think about!

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!

Laugh & Have Fun!

I cannot stress this enough. Have fun and after all you married your best friend. At the heart of a marriage should be the person that you just could not imagine life without. Who gets you and is your person. So, appreciate them, try something new together and never stop adventuring!


Yea! I mean, did you think dating was over once you said “I do”! No way! Girl’s gotta have some date nights! Go on a date weekly or monthly with your spouse! Keep that romance alive. Do not let yourself get too set in a routine. Never forgot to always court your spouse.

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!

Pick up after yourself

Did you chuckle a bit? I hope so. Because if you’re anything like myself, I am OCD with cleaning, and if my surroundings are messy, guess who I’m attacking first? My husband, haha. Try your best to kindly ask your spouse to pick up after themselves, so that you both can live in an orderly and peaceful home. Don’t throw your clothes on the ground daily!


Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re not…sometimes you just have to let your man or woman win one. Sometimes you need to see the other side. Accept others views and thoughts and bend a bit. Learning and patience is bound to happen when you’re in a committed relationship, you married each other for the balance and contrast, not a clone of yourself. So remind yourself to be open minded and patient.

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!

Kiss Goodbye

Always let that person know how much you value and appreciate them. No matter what day you’re having, make this important. Figure out each others love language and nourish that, so your spouse doesn’t feel neglected.

Here are the love languages, which is you and which is your spouse?

1. Words Of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Receiving Gifts
4. Acts of Service
5. Physical Touch

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong!


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