December 20, 2019

My Top 5 Social Media Tips



Happy Friday my friends! And to my fellow entrepreneur friends out there from bloggers to small business owners, here are some of my top 5 tips to serving your audience on social media to gain exposure, trust, and grow organically!

1. Show your face! Connect with your people! Yup, I know I know, it seems weird, feels uncomfortable but start sharing your everyday things, show up on your stories, behind the scene moments and more. Your audience cares about the little moments too! It’s all about relationships and how you make people feel!

2. Check your “audience insights” on your settings tab and learn the best times to publish your posts! Getting the most out of your hard working content is key for getting it in front of the most accounts!

3. Stay consistent. Post once a week only then jump to zero and then to three times? Stay consistent, even if it’s once a day every single day, the algorithm wants you to post, so stay scheduled to keep it moving and fresh!

4. Add hashtags and locations to both posts and stories! So many potential followers are searching in your area or a hashtag! Use them! Hashtags that have less tags will be more unique, searchable and easy to find!

5. Be clear on your niche, make sure that your first 12 posts can clearly state what it is you do! Most visitors scrolling through spend less than 30 seconds on your profile when browsing, so make sure it grabs their attention and it’s clear!


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