August 24, 2018

5 Of My Favorite Skin Products


OLLY Skincare


Stepping into my early 30’s has made me more aware of taking care of my skin more than ever. Gone are the days of tan beds ( I can’t believe I went to those )!  I’ve finally got my weekly routine down with some favorite products that work awesome! I’ve already seen a difference in the short amount of time that I’ve started too! So if you’re lacking in the skin department or are confused and overwhelmed with which skin products to buy, here are 5 products that I assure will get you going on the right track! I use all 5 daily!

OLLY Vibrant Skin Chews

These vitamin enriched chews by OLLY are perfect for the gal on the go, and tasty too! It contains superfood and the hydration your skin needs for overall strength and structure. I take two of these little chews a day! It’s like candy, but good for you!

Vitamin C Serum

I’ve battled with melasma in certain areas of my face for years, on top of that, I’ve got freckles that are not not so cute anymore. I recently went to get a facial and my esthetician told me all about the benefits of Vitamin C for your face. This serum by Mario Badesco is the real deal ladies. Infused with powerful ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to retexturize skin, it reduces visible signs of aging, brightens uneven skin tones while diminishing the look of fine lines and discoloration.

My Favorite Skin Products | Skincare | OLLY

Aveeno SPF 30 Moisturizer

Living in Florida and constantly exposed to the sun, you’ve got to be protected from the minute you step outside. The summer bronzed look isn’t my priority anymore, it’s protecting my skin from sun damage and making sure it stays hydrated through out the year. I love this lightweight, non-oily moisturizer by Aveeno for my face, I apply it every morning before I run out to a meeting or start my errands. I call it my skin armor to battle the Summer rays!

My Favorite Skin Products | Skincare | OLLY

L’Oreal Anti-Sagging Night Cream

I’ve always been a big fan of L’Oreal’s products and this one I’ve been using for a few years. Right before bed, I apply this night cream by L’Oreal all over my face, neck and lightly around my eyes. It helps replace depleted skin’s collagen and moisturizes as you sleep. Enriched with marine collagen to hydrate skin and an advanced Night Dermo-Peptide to improve skin’s elasticity. You wake up with skin that feels plump and rested.

Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense

Similar to the Vitamin C serum, which bit more targeted to sun spots and melasma, Skinceauticals Discoloration defense is an overall brightening serum to apply twice a day all over your face. I started using this defense serum prior to my vitamne C serum just to make sure my face wasn’t too sensitive to the serums, once I know I was fine, I used this one in the morning and applied the Vitamin C mid-day and again at night before bed.

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