June 19, 2019

How to have positive thinking!



If there is one thing in life (besides coffee) that we all need more of, it’s positive thinking. It’s amazing how one positive thought has the power to turn your day upside down and spill over into the lives of others. Imagine if you could transform negative thoughts into ones that bring positivity and life. It takes work and the determination to always look at the bright side of life, but YOU can do it. The world is dark enough, don’t hold back from sharing your joy and positivity!

If thinking positive is tricky (trust me, you’re not alone. We ALL have those days,) here are some starting points for spinning negativity into positive, life-giving thoughts!


The best way to be positive is to be calm. Deep breaths, sunrise yoga, half a pint of ice cream—you name it! Everyone has unique and individual ways that bring them peace and stillness. It might take a little bit of experimentation to see what brings your soul rest, but once you find it, stick to it! Incorporate it into your daily routine, that way you can build a positive outlook on life on the firm foundation of peace. When life gets sticky, you’re the only one who knows how to best calm and care for yourself. Take time to be calm, and it will keep negativity at bay.


Let’s face it: life stinks, a lot of the time. There are breakups, deaths, defeats, and disappointments that have the potential to ruin a week, month or even a season. And that’s okay, it’s part of life. But just because a situation is predominantly negative doesn’t mean there aren’t pockets of joy and good laced throughout. Sometimes the only good thing may be that you found a parking spot close to work. But whether it’s a big thing or a little thing, celebrate it! Acknowledge the joy around you, and it will influence you to stay positive, even during difficult circumstances


Turn on the news and what do you hear? Bad news. Open Facebook and what do you see? Obnoxious political rants (probably in all caps). Our society spends far too much time talking about negative things instead of vocalizing the positives. If something great happens to you, talk about it! If your friend gets a promotion, brag about them! Is your dog the cutest thing to ever exist? Show us, instead of complaining about how you’re single or ???? I am willing to bet that if we spend more time talking about what’s right instead of the problems in our life, positive thoughts will flow even more freely.

It’s not always easy to think positively. Some days are grey and dismissal with no silver lining. It takes a lot of dedication and works to transform negative thoughts and emotions in positive ones, but it’s always worth it. Your efforts to think positive might inspire someone else to do the same. The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated—use positive thinking as a way to combat darkness, instead of getting trapped in a swirl of negativity.


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