June 11, 2019

Classy Summer Swimwear with Hermoza and my Favorite one pieces!


Classy Swimwear
Hermoza One-Piece in “Johanna

My Favorite Bathing Suits for Summertime!

It sure is Summer, and boy is it hot outside. The only way you’ll find me outside for more than 10 minutes is if I’m in the water, and to be in the water…calls for an amazing bathing suit to rock this Summer!

Let me introduce you to the beautiful Hermoza bathing suits! I first discovered them online while shopping for suits and fell in love with their unique design and beautiful fits.

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The patterns and designs are so cute! So comfortable too!

Hermoza Bathing Suits

I’m wearing the “Johanna” a one piece swimsuit that has stunning asymmetrical neckline that is adorned with a graceful single-shoulder hoop embellishment that evokes an enduring elegance.

Pool Day? Everyday in Florida

If you’re heading to vacation, a resort, or just enjoying a nice pool day in your own backyard, the Sumner calls for essentials to make sure your outdoor fun is comfortable, stylish and oh so enjoyable. Below are some of my bucket list items I’m loving this Summer anything by the water!

My Fave One Piece Bathing Suits

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