May 14, 2018

Bridesmaid Dresses under $150


bridesmaids dresses

oh hey girl, want to be part of my squad?

Let’s face it, we love our girlfriends but we don’t want them to hate us after we ask them to be our bridesmaid and make them pay tons of money on their dress. Take the stress off your back to let them know they won’t have to break their bank to be in your wedding! You can absolutely stay stylish and perfectly inline with your wedding style and color palette! Shop these looks at the end of or share this post with your bridal party! What’s awesome, each dress comes in different colors to choose from, have fun! Below are 5 of my favorite bridesmaid dresses under $150 that are classy, stylish and oh so nice on the wallet!

tip #1 don’t break the bank

Your girlfriends are honored to be part of your bridal party squad, but as we all come with different budgets available we need to be considerate with the price tag. Your girlfriends will be thankful for it and you won’t feel guilty for making them spend so much money on a dress!

tip #2 mix and match

Stay within a color palette…sort of. What I mean is, choose 2-3 hues of color, say you have 6 bridesmaids, mix 2 with a pattern, two with a solid and the last 2 with a two-piece for more movement in their dress. This creates for beautiful photography, interesting color that catches the eye and a stylish look to your wedding!



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