November 6, 2019

Where my dog mom’s at?



  1. You ask if you can take your dog to parties, get togethers or celebrations. Because well, your dog just adds entertainment and it’s not the same with him/her!
  2. You let your dog sleep comfortably in bed even if it compromises your own comfort!
  3. When shopping, you’re tempted to buy a new doggie outfit or new treats, because treats are life!
  4. While folks chat about their babies, you whip your phone out in seconds to share your sweet pup’s photos!
  5. Your dog has an insane amount of “toys or babies” that can surpass your very own Barbie collection you had as a kid!
  6. Every-time you see a dog in public, you immediately smile and think of your own, you’re an animal lover!
  7. When you’re out socializing, you don’t want to stay out too long because you know your furry friend is waiting for you at home!
  8. You have nicknames for your dog
  9. Simple but true, you’re constantly chasing after your dog, or picking her/him up to give millions of kisses!

Get the “cool dog mom look”

Yes, that’s me, a total dog mom. And I’m not just a dog mom, I’m a cool dog mom.

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