September 14, 2020

What’s new in my pantry!


This post has been sponsored by Lily’s, Epic, Kodiak Cakes & Simple Mills. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


We are all home a lot more these days, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been stocking up on new, tasty and quality brands! I’ve started working on making sure our pantry is filled with the right products when it comes down to snack time or anytime to really chow down! Now that my husband is also working from home, I love to have unique and delicious brands that make a difference with any sort of recipe or perfect to fit in our kitchen of options!

I’m an avid Publix shopper, have been for years. I love how clean, organized and friendly the Publix experience has always been, it’s a family favorite that’s for sure. Today, I wanted to share some awesome brands with you that you can find at your local Publix! These brands are unique and I hope that they can find their way into your home as well!

On Lily’s, Kodiak Cakes, Simple Mills and Epic Pork Rinds at Publix!

Save $5 now when you buy any combo of 5 products from the below brands! The $5 coupon can be found in the Extra Savings Flyer at the front of the store next time you’re shopping!

Lily’s Chocolate Bars 2 for $7

Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix $4.99

Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars & Cookies 2 for $8

Epic Pork Rinds 2 for $6


Let’s start with one of my new favorite buttermilk “power cakes” by Kodiak Cakes to make as “breakfast for dinner”! We are big fans of doing this, especially during the weekdays! These cakes are packed with 14 grams of protein, crafted with 100% whole grains and contain non-GMO ingredients!

After making my Kodiak Cakes, I prep a delicious chocolate syrup using Lily’s Chocolate Bars! The recipe is super easy, see below!

Chocolate Syrup Recipe

1/2 Stick Butter

1 Lily’s Chocolate Bar, made with no sugar added chocolate sweetened with stevia

2 tablespoons of water

Cook on low heat until all is melted and mixed, serve over the top of your pancakes or waffles!


My husband is a huge snacker, he really will eat all day and all of my snacks included, haha! So I am so happy I found one that he loves to snack on during the work day at home! Epic Pork Rinds keep him from his early dinner cravings! They have 8 grams of protein, keto & paleo friendly ( score! ) and are raised without antibiotics!

Epic Pork Rinds are the perfect salty, crunchy snack for mid-day or any time!


As far as it goes for myself, I’m usually in my office or you’ll find me in our living room editing, answering emails and working on my website with my laptop! Before I get cozy to sit down, I always have a snack nearby to reach! Since starting a somewhat Gluten-Free diet myself, I’ve been looking for tasty GF snacks! Simple Mills has to be one of my favorite brands for just this! I love anything Banana, so their Nutty Banana Bread Soft Baked Bars are the perfect bite! Made with only whole food ingredients and nothing artificial, ever!

I hope that these amazing products can inspire you to take a shopping visit to Publix and purchase for your home! This is such a great variety of products to have in your home for any opportunity of snaking of cooking at home!

Don’t forget to save $5 now when you buy any combo of 5 products from Lily’s, Kodiak Cakes, Simple Mills and Epic Pork Rinds at Publix!

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