June 22, 2015

The Solemates, keeping your heels comfy



Keep those feet comfy

Ladies! Long wedding day’s call for your feet to be standing, sitting, standing some more and then a whole bunch of dancing. Let’s talk stability and your pricey heels not getting damaged from spongy grass, cobblestones, wooden decks and bricks…Lord knows we need some support. Your answer? The “High Heeler” takes care of this and more! The wonderful folks at The Solemates specialize in keeping your “day of” footsies comfortable and ready. Not only for brides, this is a perfect gift for bridesmaids, friends and guests. If you are any bit of clumsy like myself, you know that any kind of protection from “face-planting it” will put a smile on your face. The “Wedding Rescue” packet is filled with on-the-go outdoor necessities, so when the emergency arrives, you will be equipped! I love the “Blister Blocker“, this is perfect for my long hours of standing while working, this barrier helps tremendously in preventing blisters. Check them out!



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