November 17, 2015

How to create a smokey eye look with Stephen Moleski!


marilyn monroe spas


Ooo-lala friends! Last night I had the amazing opportunity to model for celebrity makeup artist Stephen Moleski at the fabulous Marilyn Monroe Spas! He even told me I had the “perfect brows”!! Ah! Contouring genius. A featured artist on multiple top-rated shows! Moleski’s clientele base is as varied and vast as his credits – America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Xfactor, American Idol, The Kardashians, E!, Vanity Fair, People, etc! Stephen was in Orlando teaching top new trends + styles for attendees! Read more below and some beauty tips he shared with me!

I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine. If I wash my hair and blow it out, it’s usually pretty flat and not much volume. I had my hair styled by the lovely Davina, who is a Pureology stylist and ambassador. I asked Davina, what could I do to add more “bam” to my hair ( since I’m terrible with styling ). Davina introduced me to Pureology’s “Strengthening Control“, and to give your hair time to “set”. Grab the strengthening spray and apply on the first 2 to 3 inches of your root, then go through and blow dry it for body and hold…plus volume! She then curled my hair lightly to place in pins to set my hair before makeup. My hair is very thin, so it almost always needs product to manipulate it! Get this spray, it’s amazing and smells delicious.

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I was SO excited to get my face dolled up by the amazingly talented Stephen Moleski. 90% of the product used were all from Marilyn Monroe Spas. From the eye shadow colors to the foundation. I had no idea what “look” I was going to get so let’s just say I was totally impressed by the end! Makeup is magic, it transforms your best features and just makes them completely pop! Stephen shared some amazing makeup tips with me to share, keep reading below!

These products above I used before I arrived to model, the Rose Hip firming de-puff eye cream which works wonders, Citrus Lime refreshing hand cream and a subtle yet perfect amount of color for your lips, luxury lip gloss “Party Girl“.

stephen moleski

Stephen gave me his signature smokey eye look. I shared with him how I always want my eye to look bigger since they aren’t too big and almond shaped. His contouring and highlight tutorial was amazing to watch. He wanted to make sure attendees knew the difference between correct contouring and highlight without looking too “show girl”. MAGIC, above is my final look before hair. Wow! I felt flawless.


When beginning your makeup and foundation, let your makeup “marinate”. Makeup is made to stick to your skin, let it settle for a few minutes before rushing through it so fast.


Faux Lashes: Stephen is the creator of the amazing Smoke and Mirrors lashes and shared that if “you look like you’re wearing lashes then you’re putting them on wrong”. Lashes need to look natural, as if you weren’t wearing any at all. If someone can say “oh that girl is wearing fake lashes”, nope – bad”!


Rose Water sprayed lightly on the face before and after, calms and sets your makeup. It has essential oils, and is great for clients as well. Relieves stress!


Leave small airy spaces in your brow when filling them out, it looks more natural and not so completely drawn out, you want the natural look that brows have not the “youtube brows”.


Davina worked her styling magic and created the popular “Fobob” on me. Guests said I looked like a Bond girl or the retro Adele look! I went from long hair to short within minutes, without cutting it. It’s amazing to see how the right makeup and hair can completely change your look. I had such a fun time meeting everyone and getting glam from the talented celebrity stylists, thank you again! Lastly, in case I haven’t told you yet you can receive a 10% discount on all products and services at any of the Marilyn Monroe Spas locations and online.


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