November 11, 2019

Adult Bullying & How to be aware of it



I’ve got my street cred, no but for real. Let’s talk about bullying, by adults.

I was never the popular girl in school. I was this scrawny tall “simple” looking girl that actually got bullied in high school. I always felt “different”. Now want to know something funny, the two main bullies that would bother me constantly were 5’1, I’m 5’10. HA!

As adults, bullying looks different. It can be deceiving and manipulative. As women working in the corporate world or even as an entrepreneur in the “community over competition” bubble, sometimes those bullying ways are still there for bullies to attack.

If you’ve experienced this type of behavior, first you need to be aware that it’s happening.

Here are some ways to know if it’s happening to you, so that you can unfollow, stay away or get out of the situation before it becomes detrimental to your life, goals and relationships. Because girlfriend, we don’t need none of that in your life!


1️. A friend, co-worker or someone you know makes you feel bad about your idea, project or life by putting you down, speaking it in a negative or “you’re dreaming too big” tone.

2. Someone who’s using their formal power, ie. their status or position to threat or intimidate you.

3. Passing aggressiveness is a more subtle approach but still stings. These bullies are more strategic, using their sarcasm, facial expressions, gestures and negative gossip to create “drama” towards you. They feed off of it and find joy bringing you into their “normal” which is filled with sadness, anger, jealousy and frustration.

4. And last but not least, Cyber Bullying. Leaving rude or hurtful comments on accounts. Say peace to them.

Stay secure, confident and know that bullies usually come from a place of hurt and insecurities. And as my mother always told me “pray for them, they don’t know”.


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