September 8, 2019

Tailgate Football Decor for Fall


Football Tailgating Styling for your car!
Football Tailgating Styling for your car!
Football Tailgating Styling for your car!


If there’s one thing my husband is crazy about, it’s football. And that means prepping myself to make our space as comfortable as possible and with the yummiest snacks! He might be a mega football fan but I’m a mega fan of hosting, styling and prepping for any type of event, and that includes tailgating! I teamed up with Old Tim Pottery to help me find all of my tailgating essentials to make my tailgating space outside cute, cozy and fun!

Tailgate Football Decor for Fall
It’s football season, and you know what that means in our house?


If you’re going to be spending hours outdoors around football fans cheering on, you’re most likely going to want to sit down, eat some food and sip on some delicious beverages. You can create your own little haven in and around your car to make the time go smoothly! Here are some tips to think about in advance when preparing for your next tailgate this football season!

Football Tailgating Styling for your car!


  1. Cook up a crock-pot dish that will be easy to make and take to your tailgate. I love to make cocktail weenies, haha! They’re so easy to prep and are always a crowd pleaser! Think buffalo chicken dips, chili, and more!
  2. Find a flannel blanket to place underneath your tailgating set up inside your car. This will protect from any spills and mess, plus it looks super cute hanging from your car to add some style.
  3. Find a delicious recipe and make a signature cocktail to place in a canister. This is a great way to make new friends while offering to try your cocktail! I made some spiked apple cider, added sliced apples and served chilled over ice!
  4. Pack a larger basket to put all of your utensils, cups, and serving plates into. Once you’ve arrived, open it up and add faux or real flowers for a feminine touch or place a trash bag inside of it to use as a hidden garbage.
  5. Put all of your drinks, wine, beer or whatever else into a Galvanized metal ice bucket to keep your beverages chilled and ready to go!

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