November 7, 2019

Easy DIY Hanging Porch Lights!


Hanging Porch Lights

Easy Porch Light Hanging!

This post has been sponsored by Command™. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This year, we’re doing a ton of DIY holiday decorating. And that means hanging wreaths and lights wherever we can. Seriously, I love all the twinkle! To make it easier, I always use Command™ Hooks & Clips (found at Home Depot) for all of my hanging needs. Ditch the hammer and nails; this is so much easier, friends!

Hanging Porch Lights

Porch Lights don’t have to be hard to put up!

I love to set the cozy mood out on our screened-in porch, so I decided to hang new market lights with the Command Outdoor light clips. Talk about getting the job done fast! These clips are specifically designed with water-resistant adhesive to work outdoors; you can now have a damage-free way of stringing your lights around decor, windows, doors, or along the gutter—all without nails or screws!


What’s awesome about these outdoor light clips? I’ve got some more reasons to share!

  • Command™ Outdoor Light Clips hold strongly from -20 degrees to 125 degrees. Yup…strong suckers!
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Use 1 clip for every 2 feet of lights
  • 16-ct pack comes with 20 strips and is planned for 32ft of string lights, wow!
  • They’re clear, so the hanging method doesn’t show—just the decor. Score!

Christmas Wreath Hanging

I recently re-painted our front door, so you best believe I don’t want to nail anything into it—but I must hang my holiday wreath up! The Command Outdoor Metallic Bronze Hook is perfect for hanging large wreaths on your door; it can hold up to 5 lbs! They’re also UV and water-resistant, which is extremely important for us Floridians and our weather!

Christmas Wreath Finds
Hanging Porch Lights



Glad you asked! If you know me, I’m a huge Home Depot fan. I think I go about twice a week for something that I need to renovate, fix, or paint! All of the Command™ Hooks and Clips I mentioned can be found at Home Depot, including many more depending on your needs! Home Depot makes it extremely easy and stress-free for me to find the tools and items I need to make my holiday decorating smooth and delightful! Start decorating early this year, heck…I did!

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