September 14, 2018

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Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today!

Hair Product made perfectly for you!

I’ve tried so many over the counter shampoos and conditioners but nothing ever seems to reach the goal that I want. I color my hair regularly, sometimes I want to be brunette sometimes I go back to wanting highlights, so needless to say I’ve created some damage, split ends and dryness in my hair!

When I discovered Prose hair products, I was super curious to see what it was all about. Prose is sulfate free, paraben free, dye free, mineral oil free, GMO free and cruelty free, you can say that again! Any hair product that sounds that healthy, sounds like a product I need to try!


Why it’s unique and works!

Once you sign up, you go through a process of questions that have everything to do with your learning about your hair, the condition its in, how you treat it and more. This is called the Stylist -approved consultation, all online! What I really appreciate about this product is the reminder that all of our hair types are so unique and different! So buying a product off the shelf can  sometimes be risky! I love the Prose process and what happens at the end is even cooler!

Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today! Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today! Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today! Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today!

Reach Your #HairGoals

One you’re finished, Prose creates a unique custom formula with ingredients to reach your hair goals! They then send you your kit that includes a: Mask, Shampoo & Conditioner along with your diagnostic results from your consult! You can find all the ingredients that are listed in each bottle and all the goodness it offers your hair!

Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today! Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today!

After trying the entire routine of treatment, I can tell you it works! My hair not only feels clean but the damaged and dry ends feel stronger and softer! I also love the mask that boosts your hair with moisture!

Prose Hair | Get Healthy Hair Today!


When my box arrived I was super excited to open it up and get it to work on my hair, and you will too! To get more information on how you can take your stylist approved hair consultation, receive this amazing box of glorious hair products, and get everything your hair craves head here to learn more!

( Thank you Prose for sponsoring this post )

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