June 28, 2019

Orlando Bridal Shops: Solutions Bridal


The gorgeous line up!


One thing I was SO excited about was going shopping for my wedding dress, I remember when I was engaged last year I couldn’t believe it was that time for me finally! I know so many wedding dresses are stunning and it’s so hard to choose sometimes unless you’re a gal who knows exactly what you want! I stopped by one of my favorite shops to get a taste of the different directions you can go with and also of course try on some of Solution Bridal’s gorgeous gowns! Wishing you luck in finding the perfect one!

All the details are stunning!
Traditional and feminine!

So many different styles to choose from! Seriously, it’s so hard to decide which route you want to go with! Which is your favorite? Keep scrolling!

Total couture, New York vibe right here!
Loved this boho vibe, great for an outdoor greenery bride!
I’m a sleeve girl, have always been a fan!
I loved the neck line and shoulder details on this dress!
Classic and pretty!
This dress made me feel very Game of Thrones and empowered! Loved the cape!

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