June 13, 2019

Kelly’s Homemade Icecream


Kelly’s is a treat for the whole family! Located off 3114 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

We all scream for ice-cream!

Growing up I always loved ice-cream, I liked the unique flavors, you know…cotton candy, birthday cake and list goes on. Maybe it’s something about living in Florida, the heat or just how it cools you down but ice-cream is a treat no matter what way you look at it.

All ages enjoy it!

When I first discovered Kelly’s I loved the feeling it gave me emotionally when I walked in, as oldies music played in the background, the soft pink and warm welcoming service, it brought me back to simpler times. The importance of family, togetherness and the joy of slowing down and enjoying a nice cup or cone of your favorite ice-ream! Which brought be back over and over again!

What’s your favorite flavor?

A little about their story

Kelly and her husband started their journey of homemade ice-cream making with a commercial grade ice-cream maker which took their skills to the local farms market where their pink food truck found much success and popularity!

Opening their first ice-cream shop in 2015, Orlando has been enjoying their scoops since and we are so glad they did! Now with two locations!


Yes, the ice-cream is all homemade indeed! While I visited Kelly’s they were so sweet to show me their ice-cream making process and it was so neat to see how the flavors are created, mixed, poured, layered and frozen ready to serve!

Orlando is wonderful!

I hope that you can make a trip to Kelly’s Homemade ice-cream if you haven’t already, I love my city beautiful and all of the awesome offerings of food and sweets available. Not only are the flavors amazing, fresh and oh so unique, the experience is memorable and such a delight. That’s what ice-cream does, it brings folks together. Maybe I’ll see you there one day!

Freshly made waffle cones!


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