May 22, 2024

Easy Dairy Free Snack Idea! Why am I Dairy Free?


Dairy free life!

Why am I dairy free?

I recently found an amazing integrative medicine doctor and I had blood work done to check my food allergy, and dairy ( cow’s milk and whey ) came back super high! I had NO idea! I’ve been a cheese lover for yearrrss. Now that I’m on a new wellness journey, I knew I had to make a change and also educated myself on how it can cause harm to my body. Curious why it’s bad if you’re allergic? Have a look:

How Dairy can effect you

  1. Lactose struggles? Ditching dairy can ease digestive probs. No more bloating or cramps, which is a huge win.
  2. Skin probs, like acne? Going dairy-free can legit help clear things up. It’s all about reducing those dairy-induced hormone spikes.
  3. Got inflammation issues? Cutting out dairy might dial down the body’s inflammation response. So, you’re looking at less pain and swelling.
  4. Dairy can mess with your cholesterol levels. Drop it, and you might see a healthier heart situation.
  5. Weight management gets easier. Dairy-free often means fewer saturated fats, which could help in keeping those pounds in check.

New to the Dairy Free lifestyle?

Ya! me too. So, diving into a dairy-free lifestyle? That’s super cool, and guess what? It’s way easier (and fun) than ya might think, especially with Sprouts as your go-to. They’ve got all the goodies to keep your meals exciting. Here’s the lowdown on keeping it fresh and delicious.

First up, hit the dairy-free alternatives section. Almond, oat, coconut, and soy milks? Check them all out and find your fave for morning coffees, smoothies, or just straight-up enjoying. And yogurts! Coconut-based ones are legit creamy and perfect for parfaits or as a snack.

Snacking ain’t left behind either. Hummus, guac, or dairy-free ranch dips with veggie sticks or chips can be a game changer for movie nights or just because.

So, diving into dairy-free doesn’t have to be a bore or a chore. With a lil creativity and a Sprouts haul, you’re all set to rock it. Enjoy exploring and have a blast with it!

Easy dairy free snack idea

DF/GF Tortilla Pizza

Here’s an easy dairy free + gluten free snack or lunch idea! I found everything at Sprouts!

What you’ll need:
Organic yellow corn tortilla
Mozzarella dairy free cheese
Organic pizza sauce
Organic fresh basil
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Powder
Olive Oil ( drizzle on top )

Preheat the oven to 350. Start by adding sauce to your tortilla, top with cheese, broccolini and the rest! Place in the oven for 10-12 minutes until tortilla starts to crisp and enjoy! Follow me @andimans for more ideas!

Easy dairy free snack idea
Easy dairy free snack idea
Easy dairy free snack idea
Easy dairy free snack idea

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