June 3, 2018

How do you like your coffee?



I’m a coffee drinker, that’s for sure. I like it hot or cold but mostly cold only because the temperatures call for it living in Florida. We all have our own style of taking our coffee. I wonder if it’s a personality thing, or how we saw our family drink coffee growing up or what, but I do know that each coffee drinker has a specific way of having their coffee served. Which one are you?

I’ve also listed some awesome products at the end of post for you DIY coffee makers to try at home!


No cream sir? No sugar mame? Correct, none of that, literally ice and coffee thank you. You skip the sweet and milk mess, you need it poured and that’s about it. Simple as that.


You consider yourself the “normal coffee drinker”, you like a little half/half in there, sprinkle some sugar in the raw or Stevia and you’re just dandy. You aren’t too picky, just want a nice cup of coffee to get you going. You don’t to-go coffee from the gas station, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or McDonald’s. You’re a casual drinker.


The basic fatty coffee recipe is: a mug full of freshly brewed good coffee ( I recommend Aeropress or French press ), a scant tablespoon of MCT oil, and a scant tablespoon of grass-fed butter. Blend in your Vitamix (or high powered blender) while the coffee’s hot, or use a hand-held frother to whip it all together. Great for intermittent fasters, the “Keto” community, or anyone trying to add healthy fats to their diets


Yesssss, you Frappuccino fanatic you! It’s a possibility your mountain of a whipped cream sugar filled drink hardly has much coffee in it and you basically want a milkshake! We can leave it to our good friends over at Starbucks for creating their special seasonal flavors for your sugar filled heart. Tip: Just don’t return to work after drinking these visual tricksters, you’ll be bouncing off the walls.


Ethiopian, Costa Rican, Columbian, Guatemalan..list goes on. You sip slowly, you enjoy the aroma and you’ll probably been seen at local trendy hipster spots. You wouldn’t be caught dead in the McDonalds drive thru line, you’d rather drink nothing. You refuse to visit popular chains. You’ve traveled far and wide to know the difference and are proud of your bean knowledge.


This read means nothing to you, pass the sweet tea Mame.

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