August 25, 2019

Recipe: How to make the perfect Tostones!



I love Spanish food and one appetizer that I can’t keep my hands off are tostones. Every single time I make them for guests or just at home for my husband and I they’re always a crowd pleaser!

Whether you like to make tostones from scratch, buying the plantain, smashing it, etc…you can equally make it as crunchy and delicious with the bag of frozen tostones found at your local frozen food section at your supermarket!


First, you will want to heat your pan with vegetable oil for about 5 min on high, you want to make sure the oil is hot to drop the tostones in! Don’t defrost your frozen tostones, just drop them into the pan once 5 minutes go by. The water from being frozen will have the oil popping, so be careful and cover it until it stops popping and is just frying in a consistent way.

Flipping the tostones on each side for about 3 minutes seems to do the trick. Place cooked tostones on a plate with paper-towels to dab as much oil off as you can and sprinkle with salt. Continue until desired amount.


This sauce is so easy and every single time I make it, guests seriously love it. I’m giving it away, and guest what? It only has 3 ingredients, this is what we will be dipping our tostones in!

Place a small pot with 1/2 cup of ketchup, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and 2 teaspoons of minced garlic. Heat on medium and stir the dip for about 5 minutes and serve in a small bowl for dipping while it’s warm!\

Enjoy, Love AM

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