April 22, 2019

How To Avoid Burn Out And Get Inspired Again!


How to avoid a burn out!


Do you ever have days when it feels like there are a million things on your plate and nothing is going the way it is supposed to? You’re not alone! People don’t always show it, but everyone has days when they’re exhausted, burned out and feel as though life is spinning out of control!

(sounds dramatic, but you know it’s true!)

Creative burnout is a serious thing, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, photographer, a barista or a teacher. After giving your all and working extra hard for weeks on end, sometimes it feels like everything can come to a screeching halt. You’ve been there before? Me too. But dwelling in a place of burnout is the most productive thing possible for rejuvenating creativity and motivation. Here are some ways I’ve discovered that will help you stay motivated to keep hustling.

1. Remember what you’re working toward (keep your dream in mind)

When you’re feeling burned out, the future you’re working towards can feel like a far off fairy tail. And while it may be closer (and more attainable!) than you realize, it’s always good to keep the end goal in mind. Sure, the mundane tasks may be messy and feel pointless, but every day you continue to work hard and that brings you closer to your goals! Next time you’re feeling burned out, take a break and spend some time dreaming about the future — it’ll re-energize you to keep making it happen!

2. Schedule time for self care

If you’ve ever felt like you’re working too hard and don’t even have time for anything else—chances are you’re right. We place high performance expectations on ourselves and while it can be motivating initially, it can also be brutal. For the sake of your emotional and physical well being, schedule time into your day for self care. It could be a power nap in the afternoon or 10 minutes of yoga in the morning. Find a form of self care that is refreshing and life giving, and stick with it!

3. Ask for help

We often get burned out because we’re trying to do everything perfectly, all at once! But here’s the truth: we’re all human. And we can’t do everything. Feeling burned out doesn’t mean you’re weak, and asking for help during times of stress doesn’t mean you’re incapable. People are more than willing to help, you just have to ask! Whether you need help with a project or a daily task, be vulnerable and ask for help. It’s a beautiful and cathartic thing when we allow people to love us right where we are, instead of trying to do everything perfectly ourselves.

How to avoid a burn out!

4. Re-evaluate expectations

It’s so easy to get burned out when we have ridiculously unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Goals are awesome, but only when they’re realistic! Wait a minute, you mean I don’t have to email 20 people, record a video and run a marathon and bake the neighbors cookies by noon!? Whew! When you’re setting goals and expectations, remember that you’re one person. And even you (the very capable and talented individual that you are!) need to show grace to yourself.

Girl, I see you! You’re working hard and hustling everyday, and you should be proud of what you’re accomplishing! But if you’re feeling burned out and that the only thing you can manage is a long nap (or two, or three) that’s okay too! Burnout happens, but it isn’t permanent. Here’s to staying inspired, motivated and fully rested— always!

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