October 18, 2018

How I Quit My Day Job



I’ve been meaning to write this blog post but wedding season has been taking me for a storm, you see…October is one of the busiest seasons for wedding professionals. And speaking of weddings, I wanted to talk all about that.

In 2019 I started my business with a dream in my head with zero clients, zero portfolio to prove but a huge passion for the creative side. I had left the corporate world where I used to work in branding and graphic design. Though I enjoyed it, I never did really well working for someone. Not because I couldn’t listen to orders or work well with my peers, I just always felt I could be doing something more, something better, I always felt different. This couldn’t be just it for me, I would find myself daydreaming of having a career that involved some type of creativity, just not really understanding how that would be pieced together in reality to make an income.


So after leaving my corporate job, I figured I would dab into photography! At the time photography was the popular movement and it wasn’t necessary to go to Photography school anymore to become a professional photographer. I practiced like crazy, I took family photos, your photo, your dog’s photo…literally anyone that would give me the time of day to perfect my skill. Fast forward a year after, I finally booked my first wedding and started shooting beautiful couples and all of their gorgeous details from their big day. I had so much fun, I met so many awesome people and it truthfully fulfilled my artsy side at the time.

As I grew, I started opening more creative boxes in my head and bringing them to life. At this point my photography was doing great, I was consistently booking and I was ready to add on services to my “And Mans” business. We started offering event design and floral on top of the photography. I had an awesome team and we kicked butt while still having fun!


After working in the wedding business since 2010, I have slowly yet surely become full circle with where I truly find my passion and heart. You see, as a creative, you’re always dreaming of the next project, adventure or connection that you will make. Life inspires you, experiences change you and you evolve. I have prayed on it, cried about it and even laughed about it but I’m so excited to announce that I am going full time as a Lifestyle & Design Expert that will do my best to share with you all things interior design, decor tips, inspiration, style and more.


I can’t wait for you to go on this new journey with me for the new Andi Mans brand. Thank you for always supporting, encouraging and following. I love to hear from you guys, and what you would like to see more of, I’m here to serve you!


So, moral of the story is, if you’re stuck, or feel like you could do more…don’t be afraid to take the risk. Want to hear something funny? When I first started with zero everything under my name, I would rip contact information out of local magazines and I would reach out to random folks to introduce myself, I was persistent and I wasn’t going to back down. So if I could give you one piece of big advice to quitting your day job, stop talking about it and start making things happen.

Hey, I’m a newly wed, and I just became a home owner to our “fixer upper” so I’ve got lots to do and content to create! HGTV heyyyyy! Wink.

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