September 20, 2019

Friendships in your 30’s: And how to maintain it strong



The 30’s can bring a lot of changes for women. Some of us start settling down, establishing careers, having children, and everyday life changes dramatically from your 20’s.

I definitely remember my early to mid 20’s having much more free time and everyone seemed available. Now days it’s sometimes hard to grab a friend even just for coffee. Here are some tips to keep your friendships strong, thriving and lasting.

How To Keep Your Friendships Strong…WINE, JK!

1. If you can’t see each other in person, text or call. Don’t think that “liking” your friends posts on social media will do justice. Reaching out every now and then can go further than you think. Just letting someone know that you’re thinking about them, can really make an impression!

2. Plan ahead. Talk to your friend about their schedule, and meet in the middle where you both can find a tentative date to meet up, grab coffee, wine or lunch to catch up. Writing a date down can make it more engraved in your calendar.

3. Communication. Your friendships should stay strong whether you both live down the street from each other or in another zip code. This is a relationship, and it has to be fed enough importance so that it lasts for many years to come. Also, I think it’s important to reflect on your friendships, on how they’ve been there for you in difficult times and how hard it is to find friendships like that. So appreciate them and nurture that. Or else, like anything without it being watered it will die.

4. For married friends. This may sound harsh to some of you, but friends take a tiny back burner when you get married. Not in a bad way, but having a significant other is priority. Things shift when you’re married but it won’t change the value and depth that your friendship holds. Be understanding when your friend has to cancel, re-arrange or just can’t make it because of their husbands schedule. Two families and two friendship groups are now involved.

PS. This is one of my besties Ashley she’s one brave lady. We’ve been friends since high-school and we both share living with an auto immune disease, her Diabetes Type 1 and myself, Multiple Sclerosis.

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