April 26, 2022

Do it Yourself: Charcuterie Cups


DIY Charcuterie cups

Let’s Make Charcuterie Cups!

Sometimes cheeseboards cut it but then there’s times when you just want to snack on your very own cheese plate all to yourself. Charcuterie cups are a perfect option and so fun to make for your next celebration at home, birthday, bridal, baby shower or even for a small wedding during cocktail hour! Grab your glass of wine or champagne and let’s make them!

Supplies I used:

Charcuterie Cups

Cocktail Picks


Table Water Crackers


1 Cheese of choice





Dried Apricot

DIY Charcuterie cups

How to build the cups!

I bought all of my fruits, veggies and cheeses at Trader Joe’s and the rest online, which I have linked for you. First, start with adding a handful of pistachios to the bottom of your cup, this gives it some cushion and height for the other additions that are on the way. On the side, grab your cocktail picks and create a fruit one and a cheese & meat one. Add one of each into each cup on each side. Add a few grapes in front, your crackers on the side and a slice of orange peel to clear the palette! You can have fun with this depending on the season! Add a sprig of rosemary or mint!

I hope you enjoy making this! Head to my IG to watch me make it and follow for more!

DIY Charcuterie cups
DIY Charcuterie cups

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