May 3, 2020

Daily Morning Skin Relief


This post has been sponsored by Neutrogena®. All thoughts and opinions are my own

When it comes to my skin, I make it a very high priority to keep it clear, bright and glowing. I have sensitive skin and I usually always have some type of acne hot spot that shows up randomly on my face. And of course, I must get rid of it! At one of my recent trips to Walmart, a Neutrogena® skin product caught my eye and when I found out that it had turmeric in it, I knew I had to try it and get my hands on it!



Thankfully, the new Neutrogena® Soothing Clear line calms my skin’s issues and is a breath of fresh air every morning for my skin! I credit the tumeric.


After moving my hair out of my face, I always wet my face with a little bit of water before starting with the Neutrogena® Soothing Clear Mousse Cleanser. I slowly rub the cleanser on my cheeks first, then work my way around to my forehead and entire face in soft and slow circular motions. Then I rinse with warm water.

Step 2! Once towel dried, I apply the Soothing Clear Turmeric Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer to lock in my skin away from dryness. This gel moisturizer is so light and doesn’t make your skin greasy or shiny. It’s honestly so soft to the skin and smells great too! If you suffer from stressed, acne-prone skin, this lovey little bundle soothes and calms it.

Step 3! After my two applications are finished, it’s time to spritz on the final touch! The Turmeric Clear Mist is the lightest, most refreshing spray! Start your day fresh and it’s the perfect invigorating feeling! Seriously, at this point my face feels like unicorn goodness!


Turmeric is known for being rich in antioxidants and for its calming properties. If you ask me, I don’t want dry, irritated and angry skin…because let’s be honest, it shows. Thanks to the tumeric, the Soothing Clear products gently removes pore-clogging dirt, oil and makeup, so you can keep calm and carry on with clean healthy looking skin! It doesn’t have to be hard to get beautiful skin thanks to Neutrogena® Soothing Clear, and you can find this product easily online at I love this Turmeric trio of products from the face wash, moisturizer to the mist, my skincare routine is complete.

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