August 21, 2018

5 Things To Do Before Moving To A New Home!



“Getting inspired I believe is what makes you create something beautiful”. Melissa Michaels author of “The Inspired Room” is the perfect little book to learn about your style and how you can transform your home into a peaceful ad perfect abode. This is a great first step to take before jumping into your new crib! Go to your local bookstore, flip through design magazines, create a pinterest board with all of your favorite images and homes that make you excited to move!


I’m a little OCD myself, so keeping my closet minimal is pretty much something I stay up to date with weekly. But if you’re about to move into a new home that may or may not have more or less space, it’s best anyway to go through your wardrobe and purge any clothes that you haven’t worn in at least 1 year. Most likely, you probably won’t be wearing that ugly Christmas sweater again, so it’s time to toss it. I look at purging my closet as satisfying, I usually always donate my clothes to a local organization for someone who can actually find use in them.

I recently organized my closet with brand new hangers that changed my world, and for our new home, I plan to only use them moving forward. Game changer, creates so much more space and keeps your clothes from falling everywhere. You never want to enter a new home with a messy closet.


Don’t start packing 2 days before your big move, it’s only going to stress you out, make everyone else nervous because you’re most likely going to get overwhelmed, and eat everybody’s head off. I suggest packing a month prior, slowly. You may feel silly packing so early but I can guarantee your move will be much more smooth and will also have the ability to remember where you have placed certain items. I buy a mix of cardboard moving boxes but I also use storage bins like these and don’t forget to purchase your very own dolly, this one has saved me SO many trips!


I love day dreaming and I love decor, so there’s no surprise that when I found out we were moving to a new home soon…I started reading every decor magazine, watching HGTV way more and well, let’s just say this is what I’m all about! My old place was super minimal, partially by choice because we didn’t really have a ton of room so I limited my opportunities to decorate as I would want to. Not that our new place is a mansion but definitely more rooms, I’m ready to transform my home into a modern farmhouse.

I think it’s good to have an idea of the style of home you want prior to moving in, so you can purchase decor accordingly and pick your color themes so that everything flows nicely and consistent.


I try to stay away from painting too many rooms different colors. I’m choosing one color to paint through out all the walls in our home, which will be an off white color. The reason I do this, it allows me to decorate easily and mainly it opens up the room, giving it a brighter and larger looking appeal.

When choosing the colors for your home, keep in mind the mood and style that you’re going for. You don’t want to clash with too bright, or bold or even muted.

Behr has an amazing Color Studio to help you choose the right palette! You can also purchase this color collection to help you!

Overall, have fun, try your best not to stress out and remember this is a new exciting chapter to begin! This is a new home that will create memories it should be a journey not a spring to make everything perfect, but one day at a time.

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