September 19, 2018

3 Thoughts On Being Multi-Passionate


Being Multi-Passionate


We’ve heard this new term lately “multi-passionate” it means having multiple interests. Are you one of them? Oh my goodness, me too! Let’s navigate together on 3 thoughts I have for being a multi-passionate entrepreneur. So let’s dive right in!


Now is the time to stop dreaming and doing! You’re thinking every single day of that idea, that business, that goal that you would love to reach in your head but you never seem to kick it off. As creatives, it can be hard to settle with one of our passions because heck, we seem to do well with almost anything we put our mind to! How the heck do you choose which one will be most successful? Well I’m not 100% sure but what I do know is that you need to begin putting those thoughts into action!

Stop giving yourself excuses that you’re just “so talented you can’t pick one”, so therefore NOTHING happens! Nobody said that if your first try turns into something real, that you can’t evolve and change it into something else!

Creatives never stay doing the same thing, but one thing we are always doing is creating! Nobody will know about your talent or skills if you don’t do something about it. Start that logo, hire that intern, create a team, sign up for that instagram account and start putting yourself out there!

Multi-Passionate Creative Entrepreneur


I’ve been guilty of meshing my business + passions into my personal life and I’ve had to step back and say WHOA SISTER, slow down and let’s disconnect from here, from that social media world, from those opportunities. Yes it’s good to be ambitious and work full steam ahead to get your business or blog going strong, make connections and network but I believe balance is essential to any multi-passionate creative.

It’s true we are dreamers, thinkers by heart, and we have to consistently remind ourselves to chill, otherwise a burnout will happen. And this my friends is not worth it and could risk losing your strength in your work and business you’ve worked hard to build.

3 Thoughts on Being Multi-Passionate


I remember when I was in college I had to choose a degree, I was completely confused…like what? How do I choose a degree, I think I like about 5 things, nothing fits! Haha, sound familiar? Being multi-passionate can sometimes be straight up annoying, yup I said it. We get urges to start a new business the second we find a passion towards something new, we want to run to and create a domain! Ha!

This curse can be a blessing though, its important to focus on which one of your talents can be utilized strategically to create yourself an income yet also enjoy doing it. I’ve learned to be thankful for all my interests, all of my passions and how much drive it has taken me where I am today, and so should you!

Have courage, even if you feel scattered. Make it work, and create a brand that is unique to you.

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