July 8, 2019

Why I Became A Full Time Content Creator



I’m getting super raw and real with you today. I decided to write a post about “what I do”, because well I get this question a TON. So I’m going to explain it all, my journey, why I did it and how I became a full time content creator.


I get this question a lot or I equally hear “she does everything”, and I’m not sure if I should feel flattered or confused by myself. I want a solid answer, I’m a creative entrepreneur but that would still confuse many so let’s stick with what normal understands.

12 years ago, I was an Art Director at a print company, I was in my early 20’s. I had always worked since I was 16, so having a job was a big part of my life. My parents always put an importance in finding your passion and supporting it 100%. I loved designing graphics, writing and all the artsy work that was involved but I couldn’t stand the corporate gossip, competition and all those negative dynamics, so I slowly fell out of love from all of it.

I picked up a cheap point and shoot camera at the time and would take pictures constantly of the outdoors, photos of people, have my mom take pics of me, really anything, it was fun and I loved seeing the photos transform after editing. Now back tracking many years prior to all of this, I was in the music industry, yes singing/songwriting…but that’s an entire different post. Let’s just say, the media and arts had always followed me as I have chased it as well.


Skip past my discovery for photography, 10 years ago, I was entering the world of wedding photography, it was the new “thing” and photography was no longer a world filled with men taking pictures but emerging were power house ladies like Jasmin Star, and many other talented women in the wedding photography world and I wanted a piece of it. I loved how wedding photography put so many of my loves into one, from all the details, flowers, emotions between couples, gorgeous dresses, elaborate tablescapes…it gave me all the “heart eyes”.

So I did that, I created my small business in wedding photography and shot gorgeous weddings and met amazing couples for about 6 years exclusively, I had my work published in style me pretty, southern weddings, the knot and more.


Push through to 2014, as a creative person does, I got a tiny bit bored doing one thing. As a multi-passionate person I believe you’re always evolving, changing and trying to find a new release for all of your creative energy! If you don’t, you become frustrated, unproductive and end result, unhappy.

So I decided to grow my team into a full event design + photography business, we had a blast, I was able to design floral, deliver and style stunning tables + events for my brides and clients. It was an outlet I enjoyed thoroughly!


In Summer 2016, I had a break down. I was doing TOO much, working TOO much, it wasn’t about the money anymore but about my health and how I wanted to really set my life up so that my future would look peaceful and fulfilled.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and working every single weekend from Friday-Sunday with 12 hour days was taking a toll on me physically, I just couldn’t do it anymore, I felt like Superwoman but for what reason? Why did I have to push myself so much? Also, in the midst of all of this, I was so eager to share more of my own passions.

You see, I spent years making others dreams come true, living through their perfect day but I forgot about myself. Forgot about creating just because, my own heart, my own dreams for myself.

I decided I needed to make a change. I started writing more about myself, sharing about my life, my personal struggles, and I felt a sort of release. I found my inner creative Andi coming out again, it was scary because I knew if I wanted to become a full time blogger, influencer, content creator ( call it whatever ) that I had to work hard, probably harder than before because well, it’s also a full time job, just a different concept of business.

I still offer my wedding and design services to this day, but on a smaller boutique scale, and I LOVE doing it! I still love all the industries I have been in prior. It taught me how to navigate the world I am in now. I’m completely in love with creating content that you can hopefully become inspired to do. I want to move you in a positive way, to become encouraged and to understand how important it is to find something you’re passionate about and to take that risk and do it. Sure, there’s tons of sacrifice when making big changes from financial reasons to creating new routines and sticking to it. But boy is it worth it.

My blog and social media is made from my heart. Everything that I love from home, fashion, diy and talking about real life conversions are all 100% me.

If you have any questions about becoming a full time blogger or even figuring out what your passion is, please send me a message me, I’d love to help and help you tap into it a bit deeper.

So what do I do?

I create with my hands. And that’s a full time job.

Want more details? I’m a…

Entrepreneur, Photographer, Business Woman, Designer, Stylist, Writer, Marketer, Html Coder, Graphic Designer, Speaker, Creative Director, Podcaster, Editor….. I think I’ll stop here = Content Creator

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