October 18, 2019

Safe & Dry with Totes for Date Night!



This post is sponsored by Totes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m a true Floridian and living in a tropical state like mine, you never know what to expect with the weather forecast! I remember when I was a kid, my cousin from California would be visiting and it would rain for only 10 minutes. Then, out of the blue, you would see the sun come out again! She was so confused! Needless to say, we played in the rain but now as an adult, I need the protection, especially when I’m all dressed up!

Thanks to Totes, I can be sure to always stay dry at all times, whether it’s a quick rain storm or a downpour! Their 50th anniversary collections is oh-so chic; it makes me feel like I’m holding an accessory that complements my outfit! The stunning details combined create a timeless look! While I live in Florida and my fall seasons is typically warmer than others, Totes still would be the perfect accessory to protect you (and your outfit) from the elements you are facing.


Check out these amazing specs from the anniversary collection! Talk about quality!

16 Rib, 47′ Canopy

Steel and Fiberglass Windproof Frame

Neverwet Rain Repellent Coating

Solid Wood Handle

Leather Tie Strap

Push Button Auto Open


Rainy weather prep is so very important to starting the night off right. Totes makes me feel safe and confident to wear my favorite outfit and not freak out when the Florida weather decides to change its mind! Totes also has an amazing selection of rain gear from umbrellas, raincoats, boots, and rain wear, take a look here!

Outsmarting the elements in Florida is key and even though rain happens out of the blue with the sun out still, rainbows are sure to be seen! Totes 50th anniversary umbrella has outstanding quality and feel to it; there’s a sense of elegance when I’m holding this umbrella from above for protection! Look no further for your next umbrella. Totes umbrellas provide the coverage, quality, and are so stylish. What a great gift to give!

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