May 10, 2022

My Top 5 Affordable Daily Makeup Products



I’m no beauty blogger but I do love a good product! I also don’t like to spend so much money on products either! As a 30’s something year old, I’m truly looking to get better quality skin care and always reminding myself to wear SPF. Below I’m sharing some of my top products I use on a regular bases and why I love them!


I’ve fallen in love with Jessica Alba’s beauty and skincare line called “HONEST“. Everything goes on so smoothly and lasts as well! I haven’t had any breakouts or anything crazy, I do have sensitive skin too! Toxic free and clean beauty is so important as well, so I hope that you have some luck with any or all of these products below!

  1. HONEST BEAUTY EYESHADOW PALETTEI love this palette, the colors are beautiful for day or night, they last too!
  2. HONEST BEAUTY LIQUID EYELINERThe fine straight tip gives it an easy application!
  3. HONEST HYDROGEL CREAMSo many moisturizers contain a ton of fragrance, this one doesn’t and goes on so smoothly and hydrates the skin! I love applying right after the shower!
  4. HONEST DEPUFF EYE CREAMIt seems like my eyes are always puffy these days, especially in the mornings. This soft yet effective de-puff eye cream can go under makeup too!
  5. SELF-TANNER MOUSSEWant a natural tan without sun exposure or damage? This easy to apply self tanner a mousse works great. I’ll apply lightly after a shower on my face and by the next morning have a sun-kissed look!
  6. ELTA MD SKINCARE FACIAL SUNSCREENIt’s important to apply SPF to your face on the daily, this broad spectrum SPF 44 is water resistant and has a light tint to it too!
  7. PACIFICA UNDER EYE PATCHThese are my favorite under eye patches! Vegan, and a great boost for your sensitive under eye area.

I love these tanning mitts for the mousse!

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