October 2, 2018

Living with Multiple Sclerosis



Hey there, I want to get a little personal tonight as I usually talk about pretty things most of the time I’m sure as you know we all have something that we deal with every single day, and for me, that is Multiple Sclerosis. When I’m designing an event, renovating a home or decorating…MS is smack dab in the middle of it!

I first got diagnosed when I was 23 years old, I remember I was driving home from work at the time, and as I walked up the stairs to my apartment to open my door, my right hand became crippled, I freaked out.

After calming down a bit and not realizing this was my first “flare up”, I immediately called my parents to inform them of my episode and scheduled an appointment with a doctor immediately.

  To make a long story short, after taking blood work, a spinal tap, vision test and an MRI, it was confirmed I had a few lesions in my brain and one on my cervical spice. I immediately started my MS medication and have been on it ever since.

Sometimes life can be a little messy and this is so real to me as much is my love and passion for design is. But life happens and you have to roll with it and not let it take control.


The cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown. It’s considered an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues. In the case of MS, this immune system malfunction destroys myelin (the fatty substance that coats and protects nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord). Myelin can be compared to the insulation coating on electrical wires. When the protective myelin is damaged and nerve fiber is exposed, the messages that travel along that nerve may be slowed or blocked. The nerve may also become damaged itself.


MS is different for each individual, but for me my main symptoms are in my hands and sometimes if it’s too how outside I will get fatigue. Does it scare me? Sure. Does it paralyze me with fear? No. You learn to cope, you learn to slow down, to be positive, change your lifestyle, your eating habits, your stress level.

I’m a very go go go type of gal and if you tell me I can’t do something, well that will challenge me to go ahead and try harder. Having MS will never slow me down but it has forced me to make changes in my schedule and to listen to my body more often. I’ve learned that my health comes first, and that I need to pace myself ( I literally just painted our entire back Florida room by myself ) “PACE YOURSELF ANDI”, I’m telling myself as I write this, you’ve got to make yourself laugh. You truly do.

If you’re struggling with an auto immune disease, I’m there with ya sister. Some days are hard and some not as bad, it’s just a go with the flow mentality that I must have. I’m still spunky, hyper and so excited for what’s ahead in life!


This got me thinking about social media, you know when we scroll down those ever so perfect feeds? The bloggers or influencers that seem to have the perfect life, perfect family or maybe they just seem so happy…they mustn’t have any problems! Oh boy is that wrong. We are all humans here, no matter the size, color and gender.

The world is going to serve us the good, the bad and the ugly but it’s going to be your attitude that makes the change. So next time you see someone on social media that seems to have it all together, remind yourself that everyone is battling something. No matter how pretty their feeds look.

I love these quotes:

“We were born to be real, not perfect”

“I don’t want a perfect life, I want a happy life”

Thank God for grace, thank God for hope. Jesus is my ultimate rock.

Have any questions? Please leave a comment or email me, if you’re newly diagnosed, freaking out and need to vent…reach out, I’m here.

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