June 12, 2023

Orlando Interior Designer: How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger


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I love my clients and this project was a fun one to transform! My client wanted a living room that was light, airy and open! She loved neutral ( so do I ) and wanted it to be a space where they could host, hang out as a family and even simply, be proud to show off! Check out the before and after! In this blog I’m sharing some additional tips on how you can also open up small spaces to appear larger!

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Living Room Makeover


Winter Park Interior Designer

Playing with Space

Making a small room appear bigger is all about tricking the eye! Implement a few of these tips to artificially expand your space. The goal is to make the room feel more open and welcoming. You’ll be surprised what some rearranging, organizing, and strategic shopping can do.

Go with White Walls

Soften and brighten your room by painting the walls white. This is one of the most impactful things you can do when it comes to making a room look bigger. The reflective qualities of white make a room look bigger. It also makes the lines between wall and ceiling blur, causing a heightening effect.

My go to white paint color to paint the inside of a home is “Nano White” by Behr paint. I love the softness yet brightness it has in whatever lighting it received and that it doesn’t have a strong undertone of any color, it’s pretty neutral. If you don’t want too much coolness or warmth, this is it. It’s perfect, right in the middle!

Orlando Interior Designer

Perfect the Proportions

Optimized proportions are essential in maximizing a small room. This means making sure the furniture and decor aren’t too big for the size of the room. Don’t put a giant couch in a tiny room. Don’t hang a painting that covers the whole wall. You get the picture (pun intended).


Orlando Interior Designer

Ditch the Bulky Furniture

Not only should your furniture be proportional to the room size, but it should be slim and open. For example, choose couches with exposed legs and open arms. The more open space in the room – even under the couch – the better. Avoid heavy chests and bulky furniture for that effortless expansive look.

Orlando Interior Designer

Keep it Breezy

Light and airy fabrics tend to make a room feel more spacious and open. It prevents the room from feeling closed-off and dark. Some translucent white curtains are usually very effective. Keeping the windows open when possible is a bonus.


Orlando Interior Designer

Choose light-colored Decor

Off-white, light gray, dusty blue, and sage green are excellent colors that can make a room look bigger. Incorporating as much light into the room as possible will help those inside feel comfortable.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are an age-old illusion used in the smallest rooms like bars and elevators. Mirrors trick your mind into thinking the room is bigger. It expands your line of sight and makes everything feel less cramped. A beautiful statement piece mirror – proportional to the room, of course – will make a huge difference in your space.


Keep the clutter out

One of the quickest ways to make a small room feel even smaller is by making a mess. A cluttered room feels overwhelming and full no matter what the room size. Simplify your space as much as possible. Make sure everything has a place and that it stays there as much as possible. Use efficient storage to keep bulky and unnecessary items hidden away from the eye.

Prioritize Walking Space

Put yourself in the shoes of someone walking into your room for the first time. What will their pathway be? People should be able to move freely in a room. Create a clear path through furniture and decor. This will make it feel bigger and more navigable.

The Bottom line

Making a room feel bigger doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Keep it simple, airy, and open. Use appropriately sized furniture and mirrors. You and your guests will feel right at home and at peace in a room that follows these guidelines. You won’t even notice the size of the room. It will just feel right.


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