May 23, 2019

How to Enjoy Instagram Again


It Can Be Fun, If You Let It

The Algorithm has been the topic of conversation the past year or so and I feel its taken so much joy out of creative people like myself to keep…well, creating. I think its important to remind yourself of some key factors when it comes to instagram and what it’s used for. Here are some tips for you to find joy in using this platform again, without sweating!

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

Curating the perfect feed can become a stressful hurdle for business owners or content creators. Does my feeds aesthetic match? Does that photo go with my brand? Am I using the right hashtags, too many hashtags, too little? Ah, it can go on and on. What is the perfect time to post? How about WHO CARES. Put caution into the wind, and the entire point of being “authentic” is being yourself, don’t try to appear as something you’re not. In the midst of being REAL and RAW, new followers will be drawn to who you are rather than who you are trying to portray. Theirs already a sea of wannabes and fakers out there, so shine away, be yourself truly because nobody can imitate you even if they tried, see how that works!

Put The Phone Down

Give yourself breaks during the day, or maybe give yourself one day each week where you won’t even open the instgram app! You know, how you miss someone when you don’t see them for a while? Same for instagram, maybe giving a few hours or a day or so break will help appreciate or calm your nerves with the app. Go outside, enjoy nature, a hobby…without taking a photo of it. Embrace your everyday before social media existed, this will also help train you get used to not always being “on” and checking it constantly!

Unfollow Accounts

Now, we all know the comparison game, and if you find yourself in a hole of putting yourself down after viewing a feed filled with “my life is perfect look at me”, its time to start unfollowing these accounts that tempt your emotions to go there. Nothing personal, but until you can handle seeing other accounts that don’t live or match up to your life and not get effected by it, its best to remove yourself from the temptation of getting sucked into the jealousy, comparison or putting yourself down stage. Rather, follow positive accounts that are uplifting, positive, and leave you feeling motivated and encouraged.

I vow to remind myself these things daily, and I mean them for you too, I don’t want to be alone in this.

+ That my talents are worth it
+ That God made me perfectly in his eyes and not in this world’s eyes
+ That beauty still is deeper than any makeup could cover up, it’s the heart
+ I’m not going to live in fear anymore
+ I’m not going to be “authentic” I’m going to be ME and that’s different every single day
+ Acceptance doesn’t equal “likes”
+ I was made for more, I’m not done


Don’t Take It So Serious

Looking for a large explanation of this? No it’s easy. Instagram was made to be fun. Stop thinking too hard on it, and it’s not healthy for you! Just have FUN! It’s that simple.

Get Creative

Instagram is an amazing place to discover your creative side! Take some photos, play with an editing app like Snapseed or VSCO, add a filter and get creative with your feed! This is a time to share your passions and talent! Don’t be afraid to grow your community with ideas or products you have handmade with the world! Opportunity is at your fingertips, and you never know what could come out of it!


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